Effects of smoking inside in the room

Smoking is hazardous to everyone’s health. Smoking inside an apartment is a problem for the members also whop are living with us. It’s obvious that you smoke with your mates to enjoy smoking. It can cause the fire in the room. Everyone around us is secondhand smoke, third-hand smoke which increase the risk of fire. Secondhand smoke contains smoke from the end of the burning cigarette. On the other hand, third-hand smoke is the toxic particles in the cigarette which set down in your home.


  • Cancer

Because of the smaller size of the cigarette, the toxic particles can enter more easily in our lungs and by breathing in the smoke is affects our body. It affects our body very much and creates lung cancer. The toxic particles which are in the surrounding of the room and home can cause cancer. It can diseases to the other members also in the room.

  • Effect on family

While smoking in the room and the home, the particles spread all around the home. Those toxic particles are harmful to the members also who are living with us. We are stubborn about smoking, but the smokers should think about their family too. Because of their addiction, their families are also suffering a lot.

  • Breathing problem

The smell of cigarette is very bad and harmful. The smell can’t be tolerated, it is so irritating and having a very bad smell. It creates suffocation in the house. The smell settles down in the house after smoking a lot at the same place. It creates problems for the family members too. They can’t even breath in their home. And they also get infected because of it.

  • Fire

It is in the research also which is researches by the U.S. fire administration; it is made to observe that how many people died because of smoking at home. The result of that research is 1000 smokers, and non-smokers died because of smoking in the room. The room accessories catch the flame and create fire in the room which takes the life of the smokers as well as takes their family too.


Smoking is injurious to health, but it is injurious for the family members of the smokers too. This guide will help you to let know about the dangerous side of smoking in the room. Quitting smoking can be beneficial for the health of smokers as well as for their family too, so smokers are advised through this post that stops smoking and leads a healthy life.