How smoking affects mental health

Smoking helps in making our mind keep calm and stable. But the dopamine which is released by the nicotine which allows doing so is very much harmful to our health. Today no one doesn’t know that how smoking is affected our life and generation. Everyone is aware of the hazardous effects of smoking but still are stubborn and taking it.

People are responsible because they choose the wrong direction to heal their tensions. It is the truth that people are struggling with a lot of problems, but that does not mean that they start taking alcohol, cigarette or drugs. There are many other alternatives also which keeps you feel happy.

Effect on mental health

Everyone is aware of the risks of doing smoking their physical health. Research also says that people effects our mental health a lot. It can cause many problems in our mind. It can cause many brain disorders, some of them are:

  • Dependency

Smoking helps people to stay calm, but after taking a lot of smoke, people get depend on smoking. They find smoking is the only way through which they can feel relaxed. It causes addiction towards it. People get dependent and can’t move a step without tobacco.

  • Stress

The idea of smoking helps to heal the symptoms of stress. Stress is a very common problem which is suffering by almost all people, but the cigarette is not only the way to cure your stress problem. Even though smoking cause headache and breathing problem too. This relaxed feeling can take a person towards alcohol and drugs too.

  • Anxiety

A lot of long-term stress can cause anxiety even. Research has been made a few years back to know about smoking helps you to feel relax. The outcome of that research is that instead of relaxing a person mind it causes anxiety and tension. This feeling of relaxation is temporary, and after some time it causes tension and makes a person worse than before.

  • Depression

Nicotine releases dopamine which inserts positive feelings inside the human brain. First it feels so relaxed but later on when we do a lot of smoking, then Most of the people start taking smoke because of healing their depression problem and after that face many problems because of it.


These are some problems which cause because of smoking. Hope this guide helps you to know the harmful effects of smoking, and you will stop smoking.