How smokings become the habit?

Smoking is a bad habit, and it attracts the people so much as it becomes an addiction for people. The substance which contains nicotine attracts people a lot. For making the distance between the people and intoxication, you should never take even one puff of it. Those people who don’t have any control over their mind and get attracted immediately towards the things should never try a single puff of a cigarette. Your first puff can leads to the second puff and becomes a habit of any person. Quitting smoking is an essential decision for the smokers to save their life.

Stages of smoking

The first puff can take you towards the second puff also, and it becomes a habit of yours. There are some stages which makes you a smoker. Those stages are:

  • Non-smoking stage

This stage is also divided among two parts. At first, you can’t tolerate that person who smokes; you don’t like smokers. After this, the second starts. You tolerate that person who smokes. In this also you don’t like smoking, but you don’t have any objection if anyone smokes in your presence. It is the first stage when you tolerate the person who smokes.

  • Try it for once

This stage usually occurs in the youngsters. The company affects you the most in this case. Your company forces you to try it for once. Many school and college going guys get affected by this. They have a wide company, and their company makes them try a cigarette for once. This stage is to try smoke for once.

  • The regular smoker

This stage is the next stage of the previous one and is the third stage. When they try it once then because of the nicotine, they feel so better and relaxed. This feeling takes them to the height. First, they hesitate then they try it for once. Being in the same company daily, it creates excitement in them to try one more time then they smoke once in a month and then in a week. After this, they become a daily smoker.

  • The chain smoker

It is the last stage of smoking. In this stage, they can’t live without smoking. They can’t take a step without a cigarette. A cigarette is always found in their hands, and they become impatient if they don’t get it.

To conclude, this post is explaining to you that how to become a smoker so don’t take the first puff. Those who are smoking should quit smoking because of its dangerous side.