Is smoking kills you?

In today’s world, awareness towards smoking is spreading a lot. There are many advertisements which show us the hazardous effects of tobacco and give us the message to stop smoking. On the packet of the cigarettes also, it is written that smoking kills. We are very much stubborn; we know that smoking kills but still we are taking it. We are addicted towards it a lot, and now we can’t live without smoking. All are not taking it, but few who get stuck into it can’t come out from this.

In this article, we will discuss how smoking is affecting our lives and what cause when we do smoking.

Side-effects of smoking

  • The smell from our body and clothes

The smell of cigarette is very bad, and it can’t be tolerated. Those who are addicted towards it are habitual to have it, but in reality, it is very difficult to tolerate the smoke smell. People who used to do smoking or addicted towards it are habitual to take it. Excess of smoking creates a long lasting smell in their mouth and body too. Their clothes also smell bad after wash also.

  • Blocking of senses

Smoking does not only create a smell in the body, in fact, but it also blocks your body senses too. Smokers lose their senses of the body as they become dump after smoking. Those who smoke a lot can’t taste the food, and they lose the sense of smell also. Smoking diminishes the sense of taste and smell.

  • Increasing infections

Smoking is harmful to your health. Long taking smoking can cause different infections in your body. Smoking makes you prone to the seasonal flu and colds. The toxins in the cigarette make pour body weak from the inside, and any infection can easily catch us. It increases infection in our body which are not good for our health.

  • Lower the physical activity

Smoking makes a person body weak and slows down the ability and capability of your body. As we become weak after smoking a lot, we are not able to do any work. We lost our capability and ability of our physical health. We can’t climb or can’t do the physical activities.


Hope this guide will help you to know about the harmful effects of smoking. This guide will tell you about the harmful effects and hope that you will stop smoking after knowing all these dangerous effects of smoking.