Quit smoking side-effects

Smoking is very harmful to the human health. When we realize that we are getting affected by this bad habit, we commit to quit smoking. Committing is not enough for this, there are many problems which we face when we stop smoking. Addiction to anything is bad; it is very difficult to come out with any addiction. We get addicted towards these bad things like alcohol, cigarette, and drugs because we feel comfortable when we take these things.

To get out from our comfort zone is not that much easy as we think. It is very difficult to come out of our addiction. In this article, we will discuss the problems which we face when we commit to stopping smoking.

Problems rise while quitting

We get to know that smoking is bad for our health and for our family too. We will decide to stop smoking, but it is not easy to stop it. We suffer from many problems when we stop taking it. Those problems are:

  • Mouth ulcers

In research, it is found that when we do smoking a lot, it creates ulcers in our mouth. But when after doing a lot of smoking we decide to quit it because of its adverse effect. After quitting smoking, it creates a lot of ulcers than before. It is a common problem which people face when they stop smoking.

  • Respiratory issues

When we quit smoking, then it leads to some temporary respiratory issues. It is not easy to get out from your addiction; it takes a lot when you commit to stop it. When you don’t take a cigarette, then it can cause some temporary chest pain, breathing problems but after some time it will also get cured.

  • Fainting

Smoking blocks the senses of the body and when we commit to quit smoking it cause unconsciousness in the body. There is a case related to it, an athlete in Greece stops smoking, she was a heavy smoker. When she stops smoking, then she fainted in the street.

  • Mood swings

Cigarette contains nicotine which releases dopamine and helps us to feel good and relaxed. When we decide to quit smoking, you will get less nicotine which causes mood swings in you.

Ending words

These are some challenges which a person can face when decide to quit smoking. It does not mean that you again start taking it. For curing, you have to face some issues but these are temporary, and after some time you will surely quit it.