Things to do instead of smoking

Yes, it is a truth that smoking helps in feeling calm and stable. Due to the heavy tensions, people get frustrated and do smoking, and other activities also like as in taking of drugs and alcohol. These are not only things which can be done to stay balanced and tension free life. We are discussing about what are the other ways we can do to be happy and remain calm except smoking.

Activities which can be done

There are unlimited things which we can to feel relaxed; smoking is not only the way to be calm. You should try those things which are expressed below and should stop smoking. Those things are:

  • Distract at home

You should spend time at your home with your family and friends instead of smoking. If you are depressed or in some tension, then you can spend time with your family, go on a picnic with your friends and enjoy with them. It will help you to stay happy and by this means you can spend your most of the time with your family and feel happy.

  • Hands and mind busy

Spending time where you will get busy is also the best way to make you feel good and relaxed. Smoking even creates insomnia also. You can join any activity where you will get busy and do something in which your hands and mind gets busy.

  • Be active

You can do several things by which you will feel fresh and active. It also makes you feel active, and it helps in distracting your mind to other activities except smoking. You can do several things like as:

  1. Can walk to feel fresh
  2. Go to the gym to feel physically fit
  3. Go for a long ride

These are some ways by which you can feel fresh and active.

  • Trips and tours

When you feel stressed or depressed, you can go on a trip with your family and good friends. It will entertain you and helps you to heal your depression. By this, you will not move towards smoking to heal your tensions.


In short, this guide is explaining to you that smoking is not only the way to heal your brain disorders. There are many more things and tricks through which you can relax your mind and energize yourself to do more work. In the end, I just want to say that stop smoking to heal your stress and depression and do some interesting activities which you like and makes you feel better.