Why smokers should quit smoking

There is no need to explain that why smokers should stop smoking. The packets itself tells us that smoking kills. There is a lot of advertisement shown on TV, newspaper, magazines and many other sources that smoking kills. The smokers or the adductors also know well that smoking kills or smoking is not good for health.

Reasons for taking a cigarette

People are facing a lot of problems, and we see that when they do smoke, they feel relaxed. We usually listen to the alcohol, drugs and smoking adductors that they know these things are not good for their health but they take it because they feel comfortable and happy. Cigarette contains nicotine which releases dopamine and helps to make people happy and comfortable, so that is why it is not easy for them to stop smoking.

Reasons why they stop smoking

As nicotine releases dopamine and it helps to make people feel calm and pleasant, but it is not good for health. We feel good at the starting only, but after some time we face a lot of problems that is why we should quit smoking. The reasons behind quitting smoking are:

  • When you quit smoking, then it will give you a new life. Smoking has the power to kill a person easily. But when you quit smoking, you will face some problems, but it will give you a new life. Don’t feel that it is too late to quit it; there is no time limit on it. You can stop smoking at any stage of your life.
  • Smoking creates a very harmful smell in our surrounding which is not good for the members of our family too. When we smoke then we are not only harming ourselves, we are harming our family members too through the hazardous smell of smoking.
  • People do not like those persons who smoke a lot or who are addicted towards smoking. When you quit smoking, then people love you more. Smokers are less acceptable people for the society. Most of the places, we find that are smoke-free. Most of the workplaces are also we find that are banned from smoking.

Last words

Smoking is harmful to the health, and there are other alternatives also through which we can feel happy and calm. Hope this guide will help you to know why people take it and what the effectiveness measures which can cause by smoking are.